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In order to meet the growth and diversification needs of equity investors, James Investment Research offers a range of equity investment styles. We understand that clients have different needs and risk tolerances, and this is why we've created more investment choices. By utilizing these styles either independently or in a customized blend, we can help you reach your financial goals.

James Market Neutral Style - An Alternative Investment Choice

Market NeutralCertainly a characteristic of today's equity market is volatility. New theories and paradigms attempting to redefine value and acceptable price levels are increasing this volatility. If you're concerned about the increasing volatility in the equity markets, and would like to protect the gains you've made in recent years, consider an investment in the James Market Neutral Style.

In this unique style of equity management, we seek to provide investors with positive returns regardless of the direction of the equity market, by investing in stocks which our proprietary model has determined are undervalued and/or have strong earnings growth, and selling short stocks which our model considers overvalued or which show declining earnings momentum. Stock positions are closely monitored to control risk. Short positions are inherently riskier than long positions. To reduce risk, The Market Neutral portfolio will generally carry more short positions than long positions, but they will usually be smaller. In addition, predetermined loss limits are used in many cases. Risk control is also practiced through diversification among sectors and industry groups.

James believes that significant profit can be made by identifying equities which are overvalued as well as undervalued. By using our proprietary models developed over a quarter century, we believe it is possible to remove some of the risk of market cycles from trading in equities and create profits from recognizing value.
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